Additive masterbatches

add-mbNeko Colors offers a broad range of additive masterbatches for products requiring enhanced performance, processing and/or end use optimization. These masterbatches are designed to meet and serve various industries such as consumer goods, medical, and industrial, just to name a few.

Additives line card:

  • Antiblocking Agents — minimize or eliminate blocking in polyolefin films.
  • Antifogging Agents — Reduce the moisture build up on packaging and greenhouse film.
  • Antioxidants — minimize or eliminate oxidative polymer degradation.
  • Antistatic Agents — minimize the electrostatic charge that may build up in a product due to handling and/or processing.
  • Chemical Foaming — Density reduction
  • Custom Combinations
  • Flame retardants
  • Mineral filler — Performance enhancement or cost reduction
  • Process Aids — Surface modification and performance enhancement
  • Purge Compounds — Equipment cleaning
  • Release Agents —  Cycle-time reduction
  • Scents
  • Shut down compounds — Reduce the time and scrap required when a blown film line is shut down and later restarted.
  • Slip Agents — modify the surface characteristics of plastic materials by altering the surface adhesion or the coefficient of friction.
  • Slip and Antiblock Combinations
  • UV Stabilizers —  preserving the substrate’s mechanical and physical properties when exposed to UV.